Why Am I Clingy? 9 Signs of Neediness in Relationships & How To Change

Ever wonder if you were too needy in relationships? Has it affected your ability to make relationships work? Does it stop you from maintaining positive relationships with good people? Maybe, you are on the other end and have or are dating someone who you care about but feel is too needy?

Dr. Alduan Tartt discusses the nine signs you might be to clingy in relationships based on a fascinating article by Julie Nguyen: Clinginess In Relationships

Specifically, Dr. Tartt summaries nine characteristics of partners who are too dependent on others and the warning sings of clinginess and neediness within relationships.

Here is a quick summary of the nine characteristics of clinginess in relationships:

1. Demanding reassurance again and again- Do you struggle with self-esteem and need your partner to validate you constantly?

2. Expecting constant communication and interaction- Does distance raise your anxiety level so you ask your partner to check in despite their objection?

3. Hypervigilance and surveillance- Are you often on alarm for something bad happening and use sleuthing through phones, tracking devices, spying, etc. as a tactic to calm your paranoia?

4. Struggle to communicate needs- Are you are aware that you feelings matter equally in a relationship but struggle to voice them for fear of rejection and abandonment?

5. Complete awareness of your partner's moods at the cost of your own- Do you have a pattern of muting your own emotions to cater to the needs of your partner?

6. Reluctance to give space- Does normal spa