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Pre-marital Therapy Is Just Well...Smart!



Over time, all couples face difficulties or need to make adjustments. It's just the nature of marriage because change is constant. Hence, the best time to seek couples counseling is actually before you get married. Having and keeping a successful marriage takes teamwork, practice and willingness to admit the need for help. Additionally, couples who openly embrace couples therapy and have the highest motivation to resolve issues are the most fun to work with! Pre-marital therapy gives you a head start because the chances are that you already have some differences that need to be addressed. After all, we are not designed to be clones of one another. So, resolving conflict is a way of life for all couples.

I work with couples who are dating, dating towards marriage and engaged. We work for as long or short as you desire. However, I will be honest if I feel that you need additional sessions to resolve obvious and not so obvious issues that can impair your chances of relationship and marital bliss. Please note that a certain number of hours (six) are required in Georgia to get the pre-martial education discount for your marital license. Pre-marriage counseling focuses on assessing your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for growth using the S.Y.M.B.I.S (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) assessment as seen in the video above. I will share the results with you personally and then we will meet in person and begin to make whatever adjustments are needed. From experience, couples who are open and excited about addressing potential red flags, hot button issues and working on a game plan for resolving conflict early experience a smoother start to marriage than couples who are in denial or feel as if therapy is only needed when in trouble (typically

If you want to work with me, simply call the number below to my office. I will send you an invitation to take the S.Y.M.B.I.S assessment and we'll get started as soon as you and your partner complete it. Additionally, I am trained as both a clinical and Christian psychologist and adapt my style based on your comfort levels. I do focus on solution-based interventions in both modalities because it is all about results! The fee is $200/hr and most insurances do not cover relationship or pre-marital counseling. However, some insurances will cover it and Flex Spending plans can be more flexible. Give me a call. I cannot wait to meet, work with and guide you to a wonderful relationship and marriage!

Common Issues Addressed:

  • Poor communication

  • Inconsistent dating habits

  • Poor conflict resolution skills

  • Resolving differences (money, spending, children, family traditions, etc.)

  • Dealing with blended family issues

  • Intimacy and sex issues

  • Rebuilding and sustaining connection

  • Supporting one another's dreams

  • Developing healthy, effective conflict resolution plans that work


The typical sessions is 50 minutes to 1 hour at $150/hour. Please contact your insurance provider or call the office 404-377-4757 to discuss availability, fit, and whether insurance coverage is available. You can also visit my Psychology Today Page  for more information. Be prepared, there can be a waiting list for services if our office is completely booked which is common in busy months.

Book Me:

Dr. Alduan Tartt

Office (404) 377-4757


160 Clairemont Ave., Ste. 200

Decatur, GA 30030

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