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The Life Changing Truth About What Women Do To Stop Being Single & Get MARRIED!

Ring Formula Webinar #1- 15 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong & How To Fix Them A.S.A.P!

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Ring Formula Webinar #2

How & Where To Find Good Men

What You Will Learn

  • Why Men Should Marry For Their Own Good

  • Strategy For Attracting Good Men

  • Online Dating Strategies

  • Why Some Women Get More Dates Than Others

  • How To Work The Room When You Flirt

  • How To Flirst, Fascinate & Flee To Evoke Chase


Personal Benefit

Watch Ring Formula #2 when you feel confident enough to want to date and need advice on how to attract & meet good men in person and/or online.

Ring Formula Webinar #3

Getting Dates, The Rules & Dating More Than One Guy!

What You Will Learn

  • How To Handle The First Phone Call

  • 11 Super Important Rules of Dating

  • Why It's Better To Date More Than One Guy


Personal Benefit

Use Ring Formula #3 when you want to start going on multiple dates to find the best match for a serious relationship later. Believe it or not, men have criteria they look for in a wife but rarely verbally communicate. We expect you to already know them. I'll conver the eleven rules of dating that work for you.

Ring Formula Webinar #4

Getting Him Into You, Gaining Commitment, Dating As His Future Wife

What You Will Learn

  • How Discuss Commitment

  • How To Overcome His Hesitation or Cold Feet

  • How To Establish Deep Emotional Connection

  • How To Build A Relationship That Last (Research Based & Proven)


Personal Benefit

Use Ring Formula #4 when you have your heart on one man and you wish to establish a deep connection that leads to a committed relationship. I'll teach you how to build a relationship that last based on research.

Ring Formula Webinar #5

Dealing With The Candy Shop (How To Manage Sex) & Dealing With Cheating

What You Will Learn

  • How Discuss Celibacy, Abstinece & Delayed Sex

  • How Discuss Sexual Chemistry & Need for Improvements When You're Married

  • How To Deal With Cheating & How To Reform


Personal Benefit

Use Ring Formula #5 when you want advice on how to discuss sex without compromising your beliefs but want to maintain his sexual energy exclusively. I'll discuss how to discuss improving sexual chemistry when you're married. Bonus section on how to handle cheating (not that you'll need it).

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