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Dr. Alduan Tartt: Keys To A Successful Versus Unsuccessful Marriage


Over time, all couples face difficulties or need to make adjustments. Hence, the best time to seek couples counseling is as soon as you get stuck and cannot work it out yourselves. A good rule of thumb is, if you argue about the same issue three times in a's time to seek a professional. The quicker you seek advice, usually the quicker you can resolve the issue and fix yourselves. Having and keeping a successful marriage takes teamwork, practice and willingness to admit the need for help. There are no MVP's in relationships because you are only as strong as your ability to work together as a team. Having marital issues doesn't mean you have a bad marriage. It means you have issues that need to be resolved. On the other hand, when you refuse to address marital issues then the marriage feels bad and becomes significantly more difficult to save. 

Marriage is not about being perfect, it's about making perfect adjustments to one another. That's what I specialize in... helping couples to rediscover why and how you successfully connected with your partner when you first met, analyzing the current issue and helping YOU to make the necessary adjustments to rediscover the winning blueprint for marital happiness! I will meet you where you are when you enter counseling and do not judge. I will only judge behaviors and habits that do not work for you as a team but do not take are ONE remember. We will go through the issues you select during counseling to strengthen areas of concern and increase awareness of what works well and create good marital habits and behaviors to keep the marriage solid. 

Please note, I do not work with all clients. You must be motivated, committed to change and ready to work. Since I am a Christian psychologist, I operate in any modality that you prefer. I can offer prayer, scriptual references and practical solutions at your choice. If you prefer only the practical approach, I do that as well because I am here to serve you. I am fully comfortable and operate in both modalities daily. Additionally, I tend to work extremely quickly and specialize in brief therapy interventions (1-6 sessions). Here are common issues that are addressed in marital counseling and therapy. 

  • Blended Family Issue

  • Conflict Resolution Issues (argue without resolving the issue)

  • Empy Nest Syndrome (kids are out of house and marriage has changed)

  • Entreprenuers and Executives Who Work Too Much

  • Infidelity (not chronic- requires longer term treatment)

  • Lack of or Insufficient Quality Time

  • Parenting Issues

  • Poor Communication (difficulty having intimate conversations and connecting with one another)

I would love to work with you to empower your marriage. The typcial sessions is 50 minutes to 1 hour at $150/hour. Please contact your insurance provider or call the office 404-377-4757 to discuss availability, fit, and whether insurance coverage is available. Often, insurance does not pay for marital therapy so be prepared to invest in your marriage and get it back on track. You can also visit my Psychology Today Page  for more information. Be prepared, there can be a waiting list for services if our office is completely booked which is common in busy months. 

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