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How To Consistently Pay Attention To Your Lover So They Don't Feel Ignored

Almost daily, I get a front row to seat to observe couples. I see a common theme for couples who make it versus those who experience a lot of turbulence. One of these themes is being consistently inconsistent with paying attention to your spouse. Remember when you first met your husband/man/partner and they asked if they could "get to know you a little better" and you fell in love based on that process?

Guess what, we must be consistent in getting to know our partner, husband and/or wife because how they feel changes daily. So, we must develop a system to stay engaged in conversation and to share the emotional and mental world of our loved ones. Ask each other open ended questions and listen as if your lover was the most interesting person in the world at least 15 minutes a day.

Psalm 139-1-7 discusses having consistent relationship with Christ. So, if marriage is made in Christ's likeness then shouldn't we consistently stay in relationship, conversation and dialogue with our better half? God Bless! for more info and booking.

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