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God Breaks You To Build You

Sometimes God breaks you to bless you. No one likes the idea or process of being broken but sometimes it’s the best thing that can happen to us. For instance, when I experienced sudden and rapid success in business and my personal life about seven years ago I realized it was actually a curse. I thought to myself, “I have money, a gigantic home, a booming practice, an awesome love life…I’m great.” When I was broken and many of those things were compromised I realized that I had made a fatal mistake. I made the mistake of elevating myself and not God. I leveraged my success as an opportunity to promote Dr. Tartt, The Super-Psychologist, and not God. In fact, I even had the gall to initially resist the process of being broken and relied on the world (sex, prosperity speakers, and elevating other’s needs above my own) to cope. Quite naturally, none of this worked and eventually I had no choice but to submit to the process. The amazing thing is that once my ego was gone (Super-Psychologist couldn’t even fix himself)…God was able to enter my life in a manner stronger than ever. When we are broken it allows us to depend only on God for comfort. I truly was dependent on HIM because I knew I simply could not figure out an answer on my own, especially one that brought me peace of mind. I learned first hand the value and worth of daily relationship with God and I’m a lot wiser because of it. This time around, I’m actually ready and mature enough to handle the success, notoriety and financial blessings. I don’t get too high on myself because I recognize the true source: God. As a result, you don’t have to worry about me going “Hollywood” (mindset wise that is) because I stay on my knees daily and I’m thankful versus expecting blessings. I’m conscious of avoiding promotion of self and work diligently to place the emphasis on the message. In turn, I’m more effective and useful to God because I lead all who meet and interact with me to HIM. What benefits did you get out of being broken? What can you share/testify with others to help them to accept the process of being broken?

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