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Why You Should Get You Covid Vaccine

Behind the scenes, doctors are preparing for a complete devastation of deaths within the African-American communities due to misinformation about the efficacy, safety and absolute necessity of the vaccine in helping us to live. Black people will die as a result, in massive numbers starting this summer.

Think I am being dramatic? Ask your own doctor today and watch your mouth drop as they break down the reality. We are dying in record numbers. The life expectancy of Black people dropped 3.5 years in 2021 alone due to Covid. Do you realize how big of deal that is? How many more funerals do you need to attend, hear about or watch on Zoom to realize this is not normal.

You know more people have died as a fact with your own experience and yet you don’t mask up, have brunch in groups, work out in sweat boxes without a mask, club, and attend All-Star Weekend? I get it. You are OVER Covid. I am too but I am not over protecting myself from getting Covid. Some people survive it. Some people don’t.

Your parents probably won’t and I know people younger than me who are no longer here due to Covid. Sea moss won’t save you. Being Vegan won’t save you. Being fit won’t save you. No one knows why Covid affects people differently. You just tell yourself that to feel safe but it’s not real. How do I know? Sea moss is not a vaccine. I know people who used sea moss to recover from Covid for SURE and I take it too! However, I am too educated to think that Sea Moss is a vaccine.

People die of Covid who swore by sea moss too. Fit people get Covid. Ask them. I know this video will challenge you a lot. Before you reject it, ask YOUR OWN DOCTOR whom you trust and then get back to me. You won’t come back to’ll be online hunting for a vaccine appointment wondering why you waited so late and see firsthand that all the appointments are BOOKED SOLID and kick yourself for being put in a waitlist.

I love you. Get the vaccine. At least ask your own doctors versus relying on your local Governors, internet memes and conspiracy theorists to inform you. Oh yeah, Trump got the vaccine too. Almost every politician has...they got it first. What does that tell you?

Wake up! I love you.


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