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Why We Feel Stressed Out and How To Manage Three of the Biggest Stressors

Recent reports show that 8 out 0f 10 people are stressed out. This includes kids as young as middle school all the way up to older adults.

Three of the current biggest stressors are currently:

1) Anxiety and worry about finances for the holidays now that unemployment and stimulus checks have been reduced. We are also feeling "stuck" when it comes to how to make more money because low wage, low ceiling jobs that don't align with our passion are unfulfilling and actually causes more stress.

2) Concerns over our health and wellness. This includes mental health issues related to disconnection, lack of relationship happiness, depression and anxiety. Doctors are reporting that every health issue is elevated (diabetes, cancer, strokes, high blood pressure, obesity, sleep problems, ulcers, gastrointestinal problems, migraines, etc.). We are stressed out on all levels.

3) Concerns over the lack of a quality relationship. We are stressed about being able to enter in a quality relationship going into the next season and improving the quality of the relationship/marriage we are currently in.

Here are some solutions my friends:

1) If you are looking for a better job, I want you to remember the MPS formula: Meaning Passion Strength You must have your career align with ALL THREE to achieve true happiness and joy at work. So, get around high energy people who have no problems making money and feed off of their mindset, resources and contacts. Form a "money circle" where you share your ideas with high energy, prosperous friends and allow others to support you (James 5:16 is a good scripture to study).

2) Take a break from work. Take a break and reevaluate your lifestyle to make sure you are getting the necessary rest, a good diet, exercise that actually fits living for a long time. Take some time to just rest and repair your mind, body and soul. Research allostatic load and make sure you are not pushing yourself towards poor health or hospitalization. Avoid "sucking it up" and instead listen to your mind and body.

3) Support your spouse. Sit down with your spouse and have a deep, meaningful conversation about how to support one another better. Make sure each one of you is sacrificing and investing equally in one another so you both can be well! If single, let's get out an be more social (even on social media).

Don't just scroll...reach out and be the initiator of small talk and get rid of the "I don't like people" mindset because it will drive you to pull away from the very people you need to feel connected, warm and loved. Listen, everyone wants a good friend so be one first but to a really good person.

P.S.- Sign up for relationship and marital classes if you want monthly support.

Love you and God Bless!


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