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Why Men Should Marry: The Benefits Of Marriage For Husbands

We spend so much time focusing on single women when it comes to dating that we don't do adequate justice to focus on the major benefactors of marriage, men.

According to numerous research articles, married men are overall happier, healthier and wealthier than their single counterparts. Now of course, this does not men every married man is superior in wealth, happiness and mental health than every single man but, overall, it does.

What does this mean for you if you are man?

You really need to get serious about long-term relationships and marriage.

Think about it. Even if you are not pro-marriage, you are certainly pro-relationship. Genesis 2:18 says it perfectly,

Then God said, "It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper as his partner."

This is not only biblical but you also see the life implications of choosing a life without a partner. I know social media may make it seem like being single for life, out of fear of divorce, random relationships, negative past relationships, inadequacy is a good move but it really is in your best interest to at least try to date towards a healthy relationships and marriage.

Married men are happier.

Why? They have a life partner to do life with each day, month and year. They get to build together, explore the world together and celebrate together. That is a lot of Christmas, Thanksgiving, vacations, New Year's Eve, New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, birthdays, weekends, Mother's Day, Father's Day, church services, etc. to miss out on.

I'm just saying. In fact, the latest US Surgeon General Report indicates that loneliness (different from being single and focuses on the emotion of loneliness) increases mortality rate by a whopping 29%, stroke by 29% and even Alzheimer's by 50%!

Married men are healthier.

Proverbs 31:10-31 describes a wife of noble character. If you read it, you will easily see what a Godly wife does for her husband and family. In practice, wives make sure their husbands eat healthier, go to the doctor, follow up appointments, decrease alcohol, cigarettes, vaping, marijuana, etc. They also make sure their husbands eat healthy, home cooked meals, encourage physical activity, get adequate sleep and decrease stress.

Now I know that not all men listen but the wise ones who do live longer, richer lives. In my own marriage, we have three cardio machines, a full weight bench (like in the gym) and I am basically a pescatarian (eat seafood and vegetables). I do sneak in my Chick-fil-a, etc. but it is nowhere near the norm.

Married men are wealthier.

A well established fact is that married men out-earn their single counterparts. The numbers show that the marriage impact on a man's income is anywhere between 3-32%! Getting married gets you paid! As a husband and father of three, I understand this statistic. You want to evolve and level up at a higher level when you are responsible for a family.

Additionally, combining both incomes puts you in another wealth category! Yes, there are benefits of being a single income producer without the responsibilities of a partner. However, you are also missing out wealth partnerships that equates to pursuing passions as a team, dual retirement accounts, dual income, investment opportunities, wills, trusts, etc.

To put it simple, two incomes are better than one, especially for my African-American brothers and sisters where we comprise the lowest income category according to race in America.

Many argue that increasing the marriage rate among African-Americans equates to increase our overall wealth and power as a people. That is why I am disappointed in single male social media influencers who push negativity around relationships and marriage yet indicate they are "for the people".

In summary, men, marriage should at least be in the conversation for you. If you are wise, it needs to be a mindset that you should explore seriously. You are likely missing out on a lot of life.

For my sisters, don't believe the hype. Men want to get married and have lives similar to their married counterparts, especially if you can guarantee them that the relationship will be healthier than ones in the past. In most high-end neighborhoods, there are married men in almost every house. They have the manicured yards, multiple high end cars, retire earlier, look healthier and have an easier life than their single brethren. I know I am laying it on thick but am I lying?

So, you should be dating at the highest confidence level because the hype is fake around men not wanting marriage, especially older men. Older men get married at higher percentages because they are established, desire companionship, want to build together (help) and know the value of a Proverbs 31 Woman (they see it with their friends).

No matter how negative your experiences have been, women will get married this season, and next and next and next. Why? Men need you like they need air.

Who doesn't want more happiness, health and wealth? Don't let Kevin Samuels (RIP) lie to you. He would have benefited from a good wife. It is a tragedy that I want my brothers to avoid.

Good luck my brothers! Find the sister who can add value to your life and treat her accordingly. Your happiness, health and wallet will thank you! God Bless!


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