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Overcoming Grief & Loss Recovery Course For You & Loved Ones

One of the most distressing and stressful events in life is coping with grief and loss, especially when it is sudden. Let's face it, these last few years with Covid, flu, the stress of the world, mental health issues and the overall difficulty of life have overwhelmed many and caused many to suddenly have to grieve with unexpected and/or difficult losses.

As a Christian psychologist, I wanted to provide an Overcoming Grief & Loss Interactive Recovery Course that will help you and/or loved ones better understanding what works when it comes to coping with grief and loss. Grief and loss can include death, divorce, loss of health, breakup, a job, etc. This workshop will especially address unresolved and "difficult grief" where the pain does not appear to be going away and recovery is stuck.

Here are some topics Dr. Alduan Tartt will cover in this course with you:

  • Why coping with grief and loss is difficult without professional guidance (how it affects current and future health without proper care)

  • What effective grief recovery process looks like (how is one supposed to cope towards recovery)

  • How "unresolved grief" happens (the three things that keep us feeling stuck)

  • Misinformation about how to deal with grief (what doesn't help and complicates recovery for many people)

  • What loved ones should do to help family members and friends to better cope with grief and loss

  • How to successfully navigate the seven stages of grief for recovery

  • How to adjust to "life after the loss" to avoid staying in permanent grief and effectively recover

Dr. Tartt will take questions at the end of course and offer an additional complimentary "office hour" (scheduled one week after the class with live Q &A with course participants) to address any additional questions that arise after taking the course. I want to provide resources, real time support and answers on how the grief recover process is going, encouragement and prayer for you and loved ones. God Bless!


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