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Mastering The Art of Marriage: A New Workshop on The Seven Principles For Lifelong Happiness

Mastering the Art of Marriage: Why Investing in Your Union is the Best Decision You'll Ever Make

"We help couples have improved and thriving marriages in three hours without the large expense of counseling, arguing, heartbreak or expensive emotional and financial cost of breakup and divorce."

In the intricate dance of relationship and marriage, we need more skills than ever. We need to learn relationships skills before and during marriage to stay ahead of the stress that this world is causing both to marriages and the two people inside of them.

If you are doing well, consider this an opportunity to continue to build and have a toolkit when and if tough times arise.

If you are struggling more than you would like, tensions are high and relationship and marital discord are costing you stress, I have an immediate solution for you.

I have a heart for relationships, and especially marriages. I don't want that to be you and can certainly help!

It doesn’t have to be this way. Mastering the Art of Marriage: A New Workshop on The Seven Principles For Lifelong Happiness is designed specifically for you. You will thoroughly enjoy this illuminating workshop that is designed to help you rediscover the joy, teamwork and intimacy that might to have slipped away.

In this transformative workshop, led by Dr. Alduan Tartt , you will immerse yourself in Dr. John Gottman’s Seven Principles that have been the cornerstone of countless happy, healthy marriages. In this three hour workshop, you will learn all of the following skills in one workshop. Here is the agenda

Enhance Your Love Maps:

Develop a deeper understanding of your partner’s world, including their preferences, aspirations, worries, and joys to foster friendship and intimacy.

Nurture Your Fondness and Admiration:

Reinforce the positive qualities and actions of your partner, cultivating a culture of appreciation, respect, and affection within the relationship.

Turn Towards Each Other Instead of Away:

Respond positively to your partner’s bids for attention, affection, and support to build a foundation of connection and trust.

Let Your Partner Influence You:

Share power and decision-making responsibilities, valuing each other’s thoughts and opinions to encourage mutual respect and consideration.

Solve Your Solvable Problems:

Address and manage resolvable issues through effective communication, compromise, and shared problem-solving.

Overcome Gridlock:

Learn to navigate through perpetual, unresolved conflicts by understanding each other's deepest values and dreams, fostering dialogue and empathy.

Create Shared Meaning:

Develop a shared narrative of your journey, incorporating shared goals, values, and rituals, to deepen your connection and mutual understanding.

I told you that I wasn't holding back any skill or technique to improve your relationships (for seriously dating, engaged and married couples) and marriages!

Embrace this opportunity to transform your marriage and learn to grow together even while life is lifin' so you can truly enjoy happiness, teamwork and love.

🔗 Join us for Mastering the Art of Marriage Workshop October 14th at 10am-1pm for a live, in person workshop in Atlanta, GA. that is sure to enhance, improve and encourage yuor relationship/marriage to thrive.

Register here. I will cap this so we can focus specifically on the needs, opportunities and legacy opportunities for your relationship and marriage.


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