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Marriage Masters vs. Disasters: Three Habits of Happily Married Couples

Anyone can be good at marriage if they have the right relationship skills. Just like anything else, you have to prepare, study and practice being better at relationship and marriage. However, you would be surprised by how many people just get into a marriage or relationship versus actively improve to make sure it thrives.

Let's break down three critical mistakes relationship and marital disasters make versus marital masters.

Here are three of the key issues that causes couples to fail at marriage:

1) Lack of Quality Time- This type of couple has random, inconsistent and/or nonexistent quality time. Therefore, their friendship is fractured due to lack of investment, consistency and intention.

2) Failure To Respond To Bids For Connection- you ignore your spouse more than you respond to his or her need to connect with you. On average, couples who fail at marriage only respond 33% of the time)

3) Criticize More Than Appreciate- This couple criticizes one another more than they verbalize appreciation for their spouse. This causes the relationship or marriage to feel worse than it actually is because you only hear what you are doing wrong versus right.

By contrast, here is what marriage masters do to make their marriage thrive:

1) Schedule Quality with Rituals- This couple knows the dangers of trying to "wing" marriage and instead schedules date nights, quality time, vacations, anniversaries, and time to talk, have fun and relate with one another.

2) Responds To Bids For Connection- Happily married couples respond to their partner's desire for attention and connection a whopping 86% of the time. This makes sense because the whole point of being in a relationship is to meet the emotional needs of your spouse.

3) Appreciate More Than Criticize- Happily married couples understand how important marital culture is to marital success. So, they make a habit of appreciating their partner with words and deeds 5-7X more than they criticize or complain. Now this type of culture feels good to be husband and wife in and actually cultivates the care, affection, fondness and appreciation on an ongoing basis.

I pray these three habits bless you and your relationship or marriage. If you want to learn this tips live and in person, check out the ultimate upscale beachside marriage retreat and vacation at Come grow your marriage with upwardly mobile faith based couples who all value marriage and want to thrive.


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