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Marriage Advice (What Husbands Won’t Tell You About Not Listening To Them Enough)

Oh Lord. I have to tell the truth for my brothers who are afraid to tell you this. The worst thing you can do to a husband (or boyfriend) is to not accept his influence on your life.

We don’t expect you to listen to everything we say but we do expect you to listen to to every GOOD thing we say, especially if it is in your (or the family’s) best interest. Men are really simple.

We need influence and shut down without it. Why do you think we get married and have kids (it’s not like it is fun all the times). It takes a lot out of you but it is worth all of it when we feel appreciated, listen to and respected.

Guys, we also have to be more positive with our words too but this post is for the guys because I rarely speak up for us.


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