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Kanye West & Bipolar Disorder: How To Convince Someone To Get Help Who Is Resistant

Unfortunately, we are witnessing the struggles of our brother, Kanye West. Over the past few years, especially the last three months, we have witnessed him spiral out of control with hate speech, self-destructive behavior, family conflict, divorce, etc.

It is fairly common knowledge that he has struggled to get proper treatment for Bipolar Disorder and has lost a lot of net worth and valuable relationships as a result. However, this post is not about Kanye West but loved ones we all know who refuse to get help when they need it.

Being in a relationship, marriage, family or business with someone who needs help but refuses is one the most frustrating and hopelessness situations we can be in. So here are six, proven techniques to help loved ones get help they need even with they are initially resistant.

How To Convince Someone To Get Help

1) Chose the Right Time- "When would you go to therapy, if not right now?"

2) Approach with Care vs. Judgment- "I want you to be well."

3) Carrot & Stick Approach- "What you can gain or lose."

4) Overcome Objectives Effectively-

"No one will understand me"- "Yes, trained professionals will."

"It won't help me"- "Yes, there is treatment for Bipolar Disorder."

5) Share Your Why & Own Experience- "I would get help because I don't want my family to suffer, etc."

6) Help with Logistics- "I can set up an appointment with you if your give me your insurance information."

I pray this helps you, loved ones, and friends to get the help they so desperately need. Here is a resource (go to "Therapist Finder") to help you find quality therapist to heal mental health issues.


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