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Is Social Media Making Our Kids Emotionally "Dumb"?

Is social media really negatively affecting the way our children relate with friends and family?

The answer is an astounding yes!

A) We have kids on social devices for seven hours a day and can't stop even though they feel bored, sad, anxious and depressed the more time they spend. Social media addiction is growing and a major cause of disconnection and mental health issues.

B) Boys are struggling to speak in paragraphs and don't know how to verbalize emotions, thereby leaving them with no skills to express themselves. Of course, depression, suicidal ideation, acting out, substance abuse, fighting, etc. are elevated.

C) We even have girls struggling to make friends when that is the CORE of their identity/mental health. A girl (or woman) without solid female friendships is often a lonely, sad and disconnected one.

Yes, it's pretty bad. However, there are FIVE QUALITIES that you can teach your teens (and adults) to ensure they have high emotional intelligence (EQ) to improve their mental health and social skills.

1) Social Awareness- the ability to pick up on social l cues and communicate well with others.

2) Empathy- the ability to understand how others feel and put yourself in someone else's shoes.

3) Self-Awareness- ability to evaluate yourself socially and understand how your behavior is being perceived by others

4) Self-Regulation- ability to remain calm in emotionally trying situations (especially boys)

5) Internal Motivation- the ability to make yourself work with little to no pressure.

This is based on the work of legendary psychologist, Dr. Daniel Goleman, for those who want to research it more. If you're like me, I know some adults who need these skills and I'm actively monitoring myself too with social media comments.

We can win, as parents, when we know what to do to help our sons and daughters.


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