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If A Man Does These 10 Qualities, He's A Keeper and a Great Man

"I want a man with a six-pack, six or seven figures, and a six pack." Men hear that daily when they ask what women want. However, what is surprising is how many women don't know what they really should be asking for that makes for a great man and future husband.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the superficial. Lord knows we (men) can be as superficial as they come. However, once we realize that there are only 1-2% of men who actually fit that description who are available then we can get serious about what is really needed from a great man.

Navigating relationships can be complex, and knowing whether you're with a great partner can sometimes be challenging. So, I am helping my sisters to better evaluate the quality of their relationship, certain characteristics are telltale signs of a great man. Here's a helpful guide to help you discern if your partner embodies the qualities of a truly supportive and loving companion. This is list is not comprehensive becuase I could probably add 50 total qualities but this is a great start.

1. Loves Your Qualities and Accepts Your Flaws

A great man cherishes not only your strengths but also embraces your imperfections. He understands that everyone has flaws and loves you for who you are, not an idealized version of you.

2. Availability During Your Time of Need

He is there for you, especially when it's inconvenient for him. This selflessness shows his commitment and care for your well-being.

3. Inclusive in Decision Making

From minor choices to major life decisions, he considers your opinion and feelings. This inclusiveness is a sign of respect and partnership.

4. Growth-Oriented Mindset

A great man values personal development and also encourages your growth. This mutual progression fosters a healthy, evolving relationship.

5. Shared Beliefs and Values

Common ground in core beliefs and values is crucial. It ensures that both of you are aligned in your life’s direction and principles.

6. Views You as an Equal Partner

He sees you as an equal, valuing your contributions and opinions as much as his own. This partnership approach is vital for a balanced relationship.

7. Resilient in Relationship Efforts

He understands that relationships require effort and is willing to work through challenges. His resilience in times of relational stress is a key strength.

8. Effective Communication Skills

Whether it's scheduling time to talk or addressing issues as they arise, good communication is the foundation of your relationship. He is open in both good times and bad, ensuring a healthy dialogue.

9. Trustworthiness and Self-Awareness

He is honest about his flaws and actively works to improve himself. This transparency builds trust and shows his commitment to personal growth and the relationship.

10. Commitment and High Standards

His desire to commit, possibly leading to marriage, and maintaining high standards for himself and the relationship, shows his seriousness about your future together.

11. Well-Rounded Provision

Beyond financial support, he provides love, affection, attention, presence, and peace. This well-rounded approach ensures a fulfilling and supportive relationship.

12. Consistency and Humility

He is reliable in his actions and humble in his demeanor. Consistency in behavior and a humble attitude are signs of a mature and dependable partner.


If your partner exhibits these qualities, it's likely you're in a relationship with a great man. Remember, no one is perfect, and some qualities might be stronger than others. What's important is the overall pattern of behavior and the mutual respect and love shared within the relationship

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Max R.
Max R.
6 days ago

My man is definitely goal-oriented and very determined. Once he starts something, he has to finish it. He was like this since we met. Every woman knows that when a leo kiss happens, he goes all in into the relationship - the same applies to his career and goals.

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