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How To Tell If A Man Is A Great Match Or Bad Match Before You Get Attached: 8 Questions You Must Ask

Diving into the dating pool without asking detailed questions is like diving into the ocean without checking for sharks. Or, you know, without knowing how deep it is. You might just end up in the shallow end!

Before setting sail on the romantic seas, it's wise to plot your course and know if the person you like is the best fit for you. After all, it’s much better to discover these deal-breakers while you’re still on the dock rather than being lost at sea!

Seriously, how many of you have found yourself emotionally connected to someone who didn’t fit you, wasn’t good for you or misrepresented who they really are but now you have FEELINGS FOR THEM?

I’ve been there a time or two and want to save you some trouble. Here are 8 questions you can ask to improve your chances of finding the right person for your heart. I know it may cause some intense conversations early on but it is better to ask the necessary deep questions early on. It’s your best lifejacket in the unpredictable waters of love!

8 Questions To Ask While or Before Dating To Avoid Getting Hurt

1) What is your mindset around dating and marriage?

2) Do you want what I want (where are we eventually headed)?

3) What kind of lover/partner are you (do you communicate, plan dates, etc.)

4) What does trust mean to you and where are you with being trusting and trustworthy?

5) What do you believe about God and how does that influence your daily behavior?

6) How do you handle conflict? What do you do well and what do you need to work on?

7) How do you rank and balance marriage, family and work?

8) How do you maintain good mental health even when you face challenges in life so that your stress doesn’t hurt you, me and us?

Let me know what you have heard on dates and even what your current spouse says because we all deserve the right fit when it comes to love, relationship and marriage.

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