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How To Get Unstuck, Get Out of Your Own Way & Start Living Your Dreams

Have you ever deeply desired to change your life (change your diet, change your marriage, change your relationship, change your job, make more money, etc.) but found yourself procrastinating when it comes to making changes?

In this video, Dr. Alduan Tartt, discusses three solutions to stopping procrastinating and changing the way you think to create lasting change and take action on your dreams.

Here is a quick summary of the three steps to take:

“When you can recognize who you want to be and envision a setting in which that future self will be happier than your present self, reinvention becomes logical and, ideally, inevitable.” - Psychology Today

· We are naturally persistent and strive towards greater joy and happiness

· You have to psych yourself into believing that your future self is reality right now

1) Stop imagining your future self as a stranger and, instead, see that’s you and being to behave like it (people who identify as college grad stop skilling high school, people who see themselves as retired at 55 begin to save more, spouses who can envision themselves fixing their issues and being happier in the future decide not to sabotage it)

2) Create imagination aides (digital images, vision boards, magazine cover, etc.) to give our minds someone better to see. “If you want to change your mind, change what your minds sees”

3) Set realistic goals vs. really grand ones (onboard yourself and stack your successes progressively) and surround yourself by like minded people with the same goal to improve activation and engagement.


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