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How To Be Happier Right Now: How To Thrive Even When the World Is Not

Are you struggling with trying to be happier right now? I bet.

It's hard right now to find happiness but this video provides proven strategies for improving your happiness based on psychological research. Harvard professor, Dr. Tal Ben Shahar (author of Happier), he discusses four mindsets or lifestyles for increasing and maintain overall happiness.

Nihilism- This describes a state where you are just existing. You don't enjoy what you are doing right now and it has no ability to make you happier in the future. It is the worse state to be in and leads to depression and despair.

Hedonism- You are enjoying life right now but it has no ability to make you happier in the future. A good example is spending a lot of money. It feels good right now but it will make you unhappy in the future when the bill comes. So, you are exchanging future happiness for right now.

Rat Race- You do not enjoy life right now (your job) but you do it so you can finally retire at 65 or one day and be happy later. This is called the "grind" and is difficult to tolerate because we work for the majority of our lives

Happiness- You enjoy what you do right now (school or job you enjoy) and it has the ability to make you even happier in the future (professional job in chosen major, promotion, 401K, benefits, more respect, power and promotions, etc. This is where we all want to in a place where what we do makes us happier now AND later.

Here are three quick tips on how to get to the happiness stage:

1) Change your mindset to focus on doing things with present and future benefit.

2) Make happiness a ritual that is scheduled (enroll in school, go on dates, go to the movies, exercise after work, travel) versus just an idea or a wish.

3) Surround yourself with other happy people who have a culture of doing nice things for themselves and you. If you don't know these people...find them. They are all around you and usually happy to share their positive light IF you are positive yourself.

4) Flourish in at least one area of your life. This is essential in recovering from the pandemic because we need at least one area of our life to be phenomenal to balance out the stress of the last two years. So, take a painting class and sell your art work. Get in the best shape of your life and make people comment on how good you look. Start that small business and make six to seven figures. Spend more time with the family/spouse and enjoy a thriving home life. Whatever you do, do it BIG and HAPPY!

Okay, I pray this helps and these life hacks allow you to enjoy life more abundantly and thrive!


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