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Dr. Tartt Partners With KevOnStage To Address Mental Health Crisis: Parents, Children & Solutions

I am excited to be part of "Sometimes Parents Just Don't Understand!" which is a virtual event on April 18th at 8pm EST and 5pm PST.

We will be partnering with KevOnStage who has graciously agreed to livestream from his Facebook page so that millions of parents can be impacted. Thanks to the Ad Council, The Sound it Out campaign, Values Partnerships, and Amazon on partnering on such an important event.

I am inviting you to join the livestream where we will hear from parents of color on what struggles, successes and resources they have to address the alarming mental health crisis for our children.

If you don't believe that our children are in crisis, ask them on a scale of 1-10 how happy they are. You will then see what many psychologists already know. Almost half are unhappy with the quality of their emotional lives on any given day. This world has really had a negative impact on them and their friends.

However, we are here to help provide solutions, encouragement and resources. So join us and feel free to connect me with any organizations, schools, churches, corporations who are serious about mental health and our families.

Tune in here and share with other parents!

Excited to be part of "Sometimes Parents Just Don't Understand!" a virtual event on April 18th at 8pm ET / 5pm PT about mental health, faith, and our kids.


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