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Are You Struggling With Loneliness? How To Be Happier Now...

Are you struggling with loneliness?

If so, it is costing your health, happiness and years off of your life!

Don't believe it's that bad?

The US Surgeon General just put out an article today that discussed the loneliness epidemic and it is downright scary!

Here are a few shocking statistics about the negative impact of chronic loneliness:

  • Social isolation increases the risk for premature mortality by 29%

  • Poor social relationships, social isolation and loneliness can increase your risk of heart disease by 29% and risk of stroke by 32%

  • Among older adults, chronic loneliness and social isolation can increase the risk of dementia by approximately 50%

  • Children and adolescents who enjoy positive relationships with their peers, parents, and teachers experience improved academic outcomes

  • Adults who report feeling lonely are more than twice as likely to develop depression as adults who report rarely or never feeling lonely

I could go on and one but you can read the report or watch the video above to learn more. The bottom line is we must connect in order to avoid losing health, happiness and life expectancy. If that doesn't wake you up, I'm not sure what will work.

How Do You Combat Loneliness?

I'm going to do an actual class on How To Be Happy later this Spring but here are five factors that are associated with the world's happiest people (people who are flourishing). I encourage you to design your life accordingly so you can thrive!

People who are thriving have these five qualities:

  1. Positive Emotions- they are optimists, choose to see the possibilities/joy versus negativity in life and are generally happy people who work at being happy in the day to day self-care

  2. High Engagement- they are engaged in community, a career or calling they love and feel connected to their community, family, relationship

  3. Positive Relationships- they seek out relationships and work hard to maintain them over a lifetimes and want to have robust friendships and relationships to do life together

  4. High Sense of Meaning- what they do in life and for their career gives them a deep feeling of meaning and avoid situations and careers that dull them out and feel pointless

  5. Positive Accomplishment- they set goals, work smart/hard and achieve what they set out to do which boosts their ego and sense of accomplishment

Okay, how many of these five do you have and what will you begin to do to decrease loneliness and increase your happiness.

P.S.- If you are looking for that date coaching I mentioned in the video to help you stop being lonely and start dating quality men, check out The Ring Formula Masterclass out and let's connect.


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