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My Wife Barely Has Energy For Marital Intimacy. What Do I Do?

Tip for men: A lot of times you complain about lack of intimacy from your wife but miss the main problem to her wanting to make love...

Your wife cannot focus on physical intimacy and her own sexuality if she has to constantly be in parent, chef, work, caregiver, bill pay mode.

How can she access her own intimacy if she has to always think about the needs of others? Step in men...cook a meal, tell your wife to go take a bath, play with the kids, take care of mom, do a load a laundry, give her money for no reason.

Real talk, I don't like domestic chores either (at all) but this is 2018 and women work full-time now (staying home with the kids is full-time work too- actually worse). The bottom line is, if you want more lovemaking then give your wife the opportunity to have "me time" and decompress without having to care give (even to her husband) all the time.

Trust...when she can rest, chill and feel taken care of by you she will naturally be aroused & yearn for you (well...unless she is breastfeeding which lowers libido but that is another post).

Want to really make her desire you?

Take her on a new fun or romantic date, you get the babysitter and get into her world for an hour. She will be climbing all over you in the car.

P.S.- Same applies for men...stop working so much that you are too tired to make love. smarter not harder. Sometimes, you take on too much. Let your better half chip in financially too sometimes.

Ecclesiastes 4:9 "Two are better than one because they get better return for their labor."

Want more tips, text TARTT to 22828 & I will send them right to your email on your phone. God Bless & make more love!

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