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Free Marriage Training Alert! Help For Couples Is Here.

It am overwhelmed with joy right now. God has helped me to design the "Fix My Marriage System" and I can feel God's hand in helping couples to overcome obstacles, issues and fighting. I have poured all that I the point of exhaustion (my wife made me go on vacation) into helping couples around the world. Yes, vacation was nice but all it made it do is wish more couples would go on vacation versus fight all the time.

A quick note about the value or marital need a vacation so you can stack date upon date to make up for working too much during the year. We had about 20 dates in 5 days! We ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner together, played golf, exercised together, took walks, chilled by the pool, watched Netflix (shout out Luke Cage, She's Gotta Have It, & The Getdown), took in two concerts and danced the night away. You will do the same because vacation is all about the couple and you need it...the world will try to get you to ignore one another or be so exhausted that you have nothing left to give after work.

I want your marriage to work...badly! I don't know why God wakes me up at all times of the night to do research, pray, find scripture, read the latest books to help couples but I am glad to be part of the process. God obviously wants something done now to empower His marriages. So, January 25th at 9pm, I will be hosting a free training to help couples avoid the four biggest killers of relationships and marriages. Here's the link to sign up. Even if you read this after that date, I am recording so you should still be able to watch and learn.

So many couples come into my office thinking they areflawed only to learn that their system or style of doing marriage is the problem not them. They were never taught how to do or much less fix their marriage when it becomes stressful. I show them, give them them the tools, practice with them, and they fix themselves...literally. The only problem is that I cannot meet the need which is overwhelming from just my office.

So, I created the "Fix My Marriage System" with the help of good friends and partners, Black and Married With Kids, which will be released next week.

I want to give you a sneak peek and free training because God led you here and pray that your marriages and relationships never, ever be the same again in Jesus's name! That's right! I want to see you win. So, sign up here Fix My Marriage Training and be blessed!

God Bless,

Dr. Tartt

P.S.- Send this to a friend, family member or ministry leader who either needs this or has a heart for healing and empowering couples.

P.S.S.- This is free so it's a total no brainer and you'll get a free gift for registering. I designed the gift to bless your marriage. One more thing, I'm doing Q & A too to answer your specific questions.

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