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How To Fight Fair In Relationships

Do You & Your Better (Worse) Half Argue Too Much?

Does your relationship suffer a conversational heart attack over arguing too much with too much stress? When you decided to commit to one another or get married did anyone sit you down and give you a blueprint for resolving conflict? Well, they should have because unresolved conflicts that turn hostile have been proven to slowly yet surely kill relationships. It's like tooth argument won't kill you but years of bad conflcit will eventually erode the the relationship until it feels completely rotten.

I truly believe that we mean well when we attempt to resolve conflict but we lack a rule book on how to fight fair and well! Yes, I said "well". Couples who stay together are good at primarily two things:

1) Staying Friends Through Consistent Quality Time & Dating

2) Resolving Conflict Without Stressing One Another Out

So, the question is..."How good are you and your better (or worse) half at resolving conflict? If your answer was, "Not good", I want to help! On Sept 8th, I did a radio show on "How To Fight Fair" where I interviewed, Marian Woods, who is the Vice President of Human Resources, President-elect of the 100 Black Women (Mecca chapter) and a devoted wife. We discussed the rules on avoiding and solving conflict in relationships and work. Here is a FREE link to the entire radio interview for your listening enjoyment- How To Fight Fair.

Want An Actual Workshop You Download At Home On How To Fight Fair?

I also recorded a life-changing webinar "How To Fight Fair Webinar" if you need a clinically proven plan for resolving conflict peacefully with your spouse and/or partner. There is no way I can teach all of you this in my office face to face so I have made it available for only $17 to make sure every couple can learn how to fight fair and peacefull resolve conflict so you can make more love and less war! This will radically change the way you resolve conflict and save you stress, worry and unneccesary pain. Click here or picture above for access and enjoy!

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