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What Wives Need From Husbands | The Top Five Needs of Wives

We focus so much on men in relationships but what about the needs of WIVES and WOMEN in relationships?

Here are the TOP 5 Needs of Wives (from His Needs Her Needs):

1) Affection- Do you touch your wives outside of the bedroom too?

2) Conversation- Can you open up the conversation with great questions and follow up to get your wife to talk more?

3) Open & Honest- Can you be bold enough to admit insecurities, issues and lack of faith versus being dishonest and covering them up?

4) Financial Support- Can you do your part to make sure your wife doesn't worry about the bills and can live without anxiety? Even high value women want the option to work.

5) Family Commitment- Can you be present for your wife and children and split household chores?

Men, husbands, aspiring successful these five things consistently and your wife will be very happy with you.

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