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What Makes Wives Happy vs. File For Divorce: Three Reasons Spouses Stay Committed or Go

Did you know that wives file for divorce a whopping 67% of the time?

Gone are the days where wives feel obligated to remain in marriages that no longer serve their short or long-term physical or emotional health.

Men file for divorce 33% of the time as well and no longer feel the need to honor vows when their peace of mind and wellness are compromised. According to the research of Dr. Carol Rusbelt, three factors deeply influence couples to commit or file for divorce, especially wives.

Three Factors That Makes Couples Commit or Go:

1) Marital satisfaction- Are both spouses focused on making one another happy versus just one?

2) Marital Investment- Do both spouses equally invest in the quality and depth of the marriage or does one partner outwork the other?

3) Quality of Alternatives- Spouses do not remain in marriages when they have a better alternative to dysfunction. One partner or both will decided that being single or finding a better spouse is a better plan than remaining in a toxic, dead-end and dysfunctional marriage.

Hence, providing for the spouse and making vows on your wedding day are no longer enough.

You must consistently:

  • Take care of your spouse's needs

  • Build the marriage in your own yet equal way

  • Be the best option for your partner.



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