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What Makes Men Happy In Marriage? Heart 2 Heart With Dr. Tartt (Jack A. Daniels & Eric Bates)

What actually makes men happy in marriage? What do African-American husbands and fathers really want when it comes to marriage?

I had a chance to interview Jack Daniels and Eric Bates about their top five needs in marriage and their answers were revealing. How much do men really crave physical intimacy and sex compared to other needs in a marriage? How important is peace in the relationship?

Would it surprise you that friendship and play is really high for almost all men? Tune and let me know what your top needs as a husband (and as a wife) are in marriage and relationship.

For your reference, here are the TOP 5 NEEDS OF HUSBANDS per the book, His Needs, Her Needs.

1) Sexual Fulfillment

2) Recreational Companion

3) Physical Attraction

4) Domestic Support (ability to keep home running smoothly)

5) Admiration

What are your thoughts?


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