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What Black Women Bring To The Table In Marriage

"What Black Women Bring To The Table In Marriage"

I keep hearing young brothers asking sisters, “What they bring to the table” and I had to respond because our brothers really don’t know the value of marriage. They have been negatively influenced by social media and we must correct that.

Married men rarely, if ever, question what their wives “bring to the table” because almost every married man knows that wives are the undisputed MVP’s of marriage life. We mostly just try to stay out of the doghouse and not mess up what we have been tasked to do .

I’ll do a part two with my wife Mecca Moore Tartt because there is a lot that needs to be said. However, what I see is a need for the following:

1) Married men must dialogue with younger single men about relationships because we are too silent and invisible on social media.

2) Married women need to dialogue with younger, single women because they have no clue of their value in relationships and marriage.

3) Married couples need to dialogue with younger couples who are dating and on the path to marriage because marriage is enjoyable yet difficult without skills. There is a “book” on successful marriages (a myriad of them in fact).

4) We must account for the fact that Black women out earn brothers on almost every level which is a sensitive topic for the modern day man who wants to be lead provider but has to compete with Black girl magic lol.

Sisters, you have killing the game. We applaud you. However, this creates tension for a brother to level up, especially on social media. “Why can’t it just it be about love?” is the complaint. I think this creates the counter attack of “what you bring to the table” which causes conflict and divide among the sexes.

What do you think…let’s talk about it and give more recommendations.


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