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The Value of a Wife: Why Men Should Seek To Marry

I am shocked by how many women simply do not know the value of a wife in a man's life. However, how could you unless a man has told you or you witnessed it growing up, etc.?

I get it culture and modern day social media culture makes it seem like single men are living the life but in reality, married men benefit from being married in three primary ways. Part of the issue is that happily married men are largely silent on social media. I think part of this is due to men not liking social media and being too busy with work and family to post lol.

However, research shows that married men are happier, healthier and wealthier compared to single men.

Why is that?


Look what the Bible says...

Proverbs 18:22

"He who find a wife, finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord." Please allow me to break this scripture down for a second:

1) It states that men should find a wife which speaks to men actively seeking a wife.

2) It implies that a wife should make herself "findable". I totally support women being intentional in socializing and positioning so that an able husband can realistically find you.

3) It implies that a woman is already a wife when her future husband meets her. How many times have you heard husbands say, "I knew she was my wife immediately."

How you show up to a relationship is how you will be treated. If you show up as a wife, you will be courted as one.

4) It implies that the woman is already good. Not only is she good as a person but good for the husband.

5) It outright says that married men gain favor from the Lord which means that he is blessed more than if he were single.

Now, I am not stating that married men are superior to single men. I think that is absurd. What I am saying, instead, is that a man who marries gains more favor in his own life.

God wants men to marry:

Genesis 2:18

And the Lord God said, It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a help meet for him.

God delights in families and, therefore, wants men to be married. I do believe that marriage helps men to be better all around for the reasons I will discuss below (among many) and that it provides much needed structure for men.

My single friends have a lot of obstacles to deal with that make life harder. They have to deal with relationships that end due to lack of commitment, loneliness, sexual temptation, and/or the financial responsibility of providing based on one income (especially if they have job loss, financial issues and/or child support). It's a lot but successful, Christian men do it daily.

I also think that there are many men who will achieve a higher calling and more success with the right wife because she completes him and helps guide him towards an even higher calling.

Ok. Back to the benefits of a wife for a married man: Married men are happier, healthier and wealthier. I'll break down each one.

Happier- Married men have a friend to return home to and do life with, especially as we age. Who really wants to be single when they are 40, 50, and 60+. So much focus is placed on the right now but the true benefit of marriage gets better with age. Imagine being able to travel, do holidays and retire with your wife? Who wouldn't want that? There is nothing better than having fun, conquering life and experiencing the world with the one you love.

Healthier- Married are healthier because our wives look out for our health. I cannot tell you how many men have their annual physical exams scheduled for them lol. Wives cook towards better health, encourage physical exercise and take care of their husbands when they are ill. Imagine, having Covid and having no wife to help you to recover.

I had to have both inpatient and outpatient procedures last year and my wife was there to drive me and support me. What was sad, however, was the gentleman next to me at my last follow up appointment. He was there alone and was older than I am. I overheard him talking with the doctor about having no one to pick him up. The outpatient clinic's policy was that no one could walk or drive themselves due to anesthesia being administered. He was debating why Uber wouldn't work and it was very sad.

This is why most older men are married or remarried. They don't want to sit at home, grow older and die alone. I think women forget this. Men are human too and want relationship, companionship and survival as well.

Wealthier- This one is easy to understand. Two incomes is superior to one and even in households with a single income, the other spouse is able to support the household, family, etc. Also, married men tend to make wiser investments because they have a spouse to consult with and more people depending on them. Therefore, they measure their investments and decisions more because there is more on the line.

What is the moral of this post? A good wife will help married men experience more joy, live longer and achieve more wealth. If you know this as a woman and are convinced that you are a wife, how could you ever doubt your value in a relationship ever again?

God Bless!


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