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The Big Secret To Finding Love While Single/How NOT To Be Single Next Valentine's Day

One of the most painful feelings is the feeling of loneliness on Valentine's Day. By now, if you are single, you have already felt the pain of not having that special lover on Valentine's Day. What if...that pain is your last and this next season is the one you find lasting love!

There are a few secrets to finding love while single that I want to share with the goal of you using each one of them to add lasting love in your life.

#1- Do the Self-Work

Be the best version of yourself before you meet the "one". That way, you can date with confidence and get better options. Don't wait until the right date comes along to do the work. How about doing the work right now to attract him/her intentionally? Think about it, why would you procrastinate on self-development to present yourself as a prize? The only reason is if you don't believe it can happen for you or you are a lazy future lover lol.

#2- Be Social & Dazzle

What if your ideal spouse is online or out at an event waiting to meet you but you never show up? That's exactly what is happening a lot of times because there are single men and women who are single due to lack of access to you. Often, we are too passive and still for our dreams. What if, instead, your dreams are waiting on you to race towards them?

That's the approach we take towards building wealth, better health, and networking. So, why wouldn't we be prosocial and active towards meeting quality dates? Be prepared to dazzle them with the self-work you put in already and the rest is...relationship.

#3- Set Standards & Maintain Them

There is nothing more devastating than wanting love but picking the worst person. What do I mean? Do you date with standards that your next partner is actually good in relationships? Yes, he or she may be fine, tall, smart, gorgeous and funny but can they love? Can they communicate, apologize, anticipate needs, own their mistakes, have good character, be loyal, provide, love you through high and low income?

These are standards you must have in order to make relationships work. So, ask these questions early and often so that you pick right. Imagine how easy relationships and marriage could be if you just picked the best lover from the start?

Use these secrets and dating tips to find love, more dates, relationships and future marriage. God wants to bless your belief and provide the ideal mate for many of you. So, go be great, do the work, socialize, have standards, persevere and have healthy relationships!

#4- Believe & Act Like You Believe

I have been counseling for twenty-two years and I have noticed a central trait for singles who eventually marry. They don't quit. They date until they find the right one and never have to date again. By contrast, there are many singles who settle, give up, and enter toxic relationships out of desperation thereby dooming any chance at healthy, lasting love. God wants you to find love if it is a part of your destiny, so don't give up. Do everything in your power to realize your dream and never settle for less, even while times seem bleak.

Remember this scripture to keep you encouraged, Jeremiah 29:11- For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Yes, it may take time, patience, self-development and maintaining your standards but it will pay off if it is God's will. Having a relationship with God will reveal what His plans for your future are. What you want to avoid is giving up before you realize your blessing. I waited many, many years until my wife entered my life and I am so glad I was able to endure a painful season, actively search for her and then finally be blessed. I want the same for you! God Bless.


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