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Support Black Youth Get Accepted Into The Top Universities. What YOU Can Do...

Meet Justin and Nia...

Justin and Nia have dream: to stand on a national stage and make their voices heard and go to the top colleges and universities. But, like many Black and brown youth in his community, the path to achieving this dream was filled with obstacles.

Justin's and Nia's journey begins at Veritas School of Social Sciences (donate here), where they discovered the Veritas Debate Institute. Despite their talent and determination, the financial burden of participating in such programs was overwhelming. That's where our community stepped in.

With your support, Justin and Nia (plus 50 of their peers) will get their chance! They will not only participate in the Harvard's international summer debate residency and win, like previous cohorts that have won six times in a row!

Their success story is not just about winning debates; it's about breaking barriers and opening doors to prestigious colleges that once seemed out of reach. These students' story is a testament to what we can achieve when we come together to support our youth.

Your Role in This Mission

Today, you have the power to be a part of their success. NBA star Jrue Holiday and Olympic champion Lauren Holiday are partnering with us to double every donation for the next 3 days. Your contribution will have twice the impact, enabling more students like James to chase their dreams.

How You Can Help:

  • Donate: Your gift will be matched, doubling its value and impact.

  • Spread the Word: Share our story and inspire others to join the cause.

  • Corporate Sponsorship: Companies can make a significant difference through partnership. Contact me at

Act Now – Be the Change!

By donating today, you're not just giving funds; you're giving hope, opportunity, and a platform for voices that need to be heard. Let's work together to create a future where every student has the chance to shine.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. Together, we can turn dreams into reality.

Be the Change: Click here and make your mark in these talent scholar's lives today.

P.S.- If you are interested in coming to Saturday school with me to watch this program for yourself live and donate, contact me directly at


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