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Shaq Opens Up About Failed Marriage/How To Keep A Marriage From Falling Apart

Shaquille O'Neal opens up about not being the best husband and what it cost him on a popular podcast with very talented athlete hosts. The interview was both refreshing and sobering at the same time.

I share my thoughts about Shaq's transparency and what we all can learn from his pain relative to break up, divorce and not seeing his kids daily. He realized his flaws too late to avoid pain and heartache. I appreciate his transparency so that others can learn from his mistakes and make their relationship and marriage work for the long-term.

Three points quickly:

1) Relationships should be based on mutual satisfaction based on how well you love one another, not just one person doing all of the giving while the other takes.

2) Marriage is about making "points" or constant emotional deposits into your relationship so that it feels good continuously. If the long term score of the marriage is 45-6, eventually the giver of the 45 realizes that he/she needs to go to avoid feeling like -39 in the relationship.

It is better to be alone and even with yourself than -39 with another person. Ouch!

3) Love yourself enough to leave when you realize that the score is what it is. You are in a relationship with someone who is either unwilling or unable to love you the way you deserve. Honor your self-esteem and ask them to change and leave if they refuse or cannot. Otherwise, you are staying in misery forever. That is not God. That is emotional neglect.

4) What is the score in your relationships? Are you loving towards your dad, bonus mom/dad, mom, son, daughter, sister, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, employees, employer, etc.?

You need to know the score so you know when to step or ask for your spouse to step up before it is too late.

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I pray this heals versus hurts. God Bless!


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