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Secrets of Happy Couples/ 3 Things Strong Couples Do To Make Marriage Work

Happy couples have secrets...they know how to make marriage work for versus against them.

Hebrews 12:14 says, Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.

However, what is often missing is how we apply God's word to live in peace and love with our spouse. So, let me outline what happy married couples do to make marriage work.

This article will outline three things or three secrets of happily married couples. This applies to singles who are dating and committed couples as well.

1) Happy couples create rituals of connection to ensure that they schedule quality time with one another and keep the marriage the priority. This could include date nights, daily talks, daily walks, exercise, praying together, eating dinner, anniversary trips, vacations, phone call check-ins, etc. Happy couples don't wing marriage, they schedule it.

2) Happy couples appreciate one another, a lot. Happy couples express appreciation and fondness for their spouse as much as three times a day. Why? Verbal appreciation and acts of kindness serve as deposits to the emotional bank account and make the marriage feel good.

3) Happy couples accommodate one another by making changes that honor and help their spouse. The research indicates that happy couples accommodate their spouse 86% of the time (mutually). By contrast, unhappy couples only accommodate one another 33% of the time. Happy couples are thereby happy because they get their needs met almost of the time while unhappy couples are unhappy because their needs, wishes and wants are denied more times than honored.

In summary, happy couples have a better system for doing marriage than unhappy couples do. These secrets of happy couples can be applied to relationships and marriages at every stage. It is my prayer that this blesses you and helps you in your marriage or relationship. God Bless!


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