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Intimacy & Sex In Marriage | A Weekend For Love Marriage Retreat (Part 3)

How do you handle intimacy issues in your marriage?

How do you handle gender roles when it comes to protecting your spouse?

Couples discuss what they did in their marriage to communicate effectively about intimacy, gender roles and resolve conflict in this interview of two married couples.

Tips To Address Intimacy:

1) Discuss intimacy needs early and often in the marriage.

2) Tell you spouse what they are doing well in terms of lovemaking and intimacy.

3) Express your needs in terms of wishes versus complaints to avoid defensiveness and conflict.

4) Tell your partner about opportunities to please you and be encouraging, gentle and direct versus avoiding the issue altogether.

5) Discuss what gender roles you are comfortable and uncomfortable with within the marriage and negotiate.

6) It is best to negotiate by starting with what your common mission is and what you agree on to gain positive momentum versus starting in the negative.

7) Pick the gender roles that are best for your marriage versus society's norms, rules or stereotypes.

The bottom line is to communicate about sex and intimacy versus avoiding the topic. Avoiding discussing such an important topic will likely lead to added conflict later. Imagine being able to easily discuss sex and intimacy to allow one another to have mutual understanding and satisfaction.

At A Weekend For Love Marriage Retreat we cover the sensitive topic of sex and intimacy in marriage by bringing in intimacy experts to help you communicate and spice up your love life. Find out more information and register here.


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