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How To Talk About Money In Marriage

One topic that trips a lot of couples up is talking about money. Often talking about money leads to stress, conflict and arguing. Dr. Tartt, psychologist, provides four critical questions for married couples (couples in general) to ask so they can get on the same page about money. Being able to talk deeply about marriage and money to create a mutual solution is a blessing every couple should have.

Question #1: What Are The Three Most Important Lessons You Learned About Money Growing Up? I remember my parents always telling me, "Never spend more than you earn so you always have money." What about you?

Question #2: What Are Your Three Biggest Money Worries? Honestly, not being able to provide for my family would be my biggest worry because I am a family man and provider. So, I set things up to make sure that doesn't happen regardless of circumstance as best I can? What is your biggest worry as a couple?

Question #3: What Are Your Three Biggest Money Goals? I love this question because it is positive and allows couples to talk about dreams versus problems. This is the #couplesgoals that everyone aspires towards in modern day marriage. My biggest goal is to not have to work but to decide to work because I enjoy it because I have no existing bills. What do you and your spouse aspire to do as a couple with money?

Question #4: What Are The Three Most Important Ways To Use Money To Build Legacy? This is a wealth building question that many African-American couples need to have. It's one I have with a lot of professional athletes from the very beginning to shift their thinking from being rich to wealthy. Wealth is a mindset which is why celebrities like NAS, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, LeBron James, Oprah Winfrey, Sheila Johnson, etc. have done so well with increasing their net worth versus spending. I would certainly like to help HBCU's build their resources and compete head to head with PWI's on every level.

The goal here is to discuss these topics with your spouse (or date) early, often and well to build intimacy, trust, work as a united front and create a wealthy mindset together. Now get to is your present and future!


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