How To Recognize A Toxic Relationship | 3 Keys To Healthier Relationships

Is there a way to avoid getting in a toxic relationship before you get emotionally connected?

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Yes, according to Dr. Alduan Tartt. There are certain personality types that tend to enter and create toxic relationships:

1) Someone who has a toxic, stressful or neglected background with their own parents (insecure attachment).

2) Someone with mental illness or unresolved issues that make getting along with them difficult (temper issues, insecure, narcissistic, controlling, etc.).

3) Someone who struggles with relationships and has become a chronic taker to protect themselves ("get or be got" is the dysfunctional mindset).

4) Mix in someone with confidence issues or someone who is too nice for the situation who is willing to put themselves last.

When you mix in someone who thinks too highly of themselves with someone who thinks too lowly of themselves, you get the perfect toxic relationship. Why? Social exchange theory...