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How To Support Dreams In Marriage (Even When They Don't Match) | A Weekend For Love (Part 2)

In this marriage podcast episode, the founders of A Weekend For Love Marriage Retreat, discuss how to prepare for marriage and make the needed changes to make it work.

Two couples sat down, Dr. Alduan Tartt & Mecca Tartt and Dewayne (Fredrick) Gainey & Michelle Gainey, to discuss how their marriage started and the changes that were needed to stay together happily and avoid divorce.

In marriage, it is necessary to keep score of marital satisfaction so that both husband and wife feel mutually satisfied and both needs are meet simultaneously. In order to make changes fast enough, here are three tips:

1) Focus on how to honor the dreams of your spouse versus making him/her fit your exact clone. You are a couple not clones.

2) Marriage takes constant adjustments, so adjust quickly. While there is no perfect marriage, there certainly is an art to making perfect adjustments.

3) Make sure the accommodations and adjustments are equal. Both spouses should adjust evenly for one another, as much as possible.

We hope you enjoy this candid interview and personally invite you to join at A Weekend For Love Vacation & Marriage Retreat Sept 30-Oct. 2nd this year.


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