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How To Change To Make Marriage Work: An Exclusive Interview

In this marriage YouTube episode, the founders of A Weekend For Love Marriage Retreat, discuss how to prepare for marriage and make the needed changes to make it work.

Two couples sat down, Dr. Alduan Tartt & Mecca Tartt and Dewayne (Fredrick) Gainey & Michelle Gainey, to discuss how their marriage started and the changes that were needed to stay together happily and avoid divorce.

How Do You Make Marriage Work? Simple have to change for one another for the good of the marriage.

In psychology, we call this an "accommodation" where both partners willingly make changes towards their partner's desires so that both can be happy.

In marriage, it is necessary to keep score of marital satisfaction so that both husband and wife feel mutually satisfied and both needs are meet simultaneously.

In order to make changes fast enough, here are three tips:

1) Check in weekly or monthly to assess the state of union (marriage). Ask each other what is working and what could work better.

2) Develop a mindset to express your feelings, needs and wants in a positive yet direct way real time to avoid becoming privately bitter, resentful or feeling neglected.

3) Take action quickly on moving towards your partner so that they can see how much care for them and problems don't pile up. Don't focus on trying to be perfect but rather, making perfect adjustments.


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