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How To Attract High-Value Men Who Want Relationships

Chances are you’re reading this article because you’re ready to meet Mr. Right, but you feel out of the dating game because you’ve been single for a while, or you keep finding yourself in toxic relationships with men. Finding high-quality men who treat you right, respect you, and mark off all your checkboxes isn’t impossible, but it does require some effort on your part. So, before you go and swear off love and marriage, keep reading to find out how to attract men and make them come to you.

1. Define what you want.

How can you attract the right guy if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for in a quality partner? Before you dive headfirst into the dating pool, spend some time with yourself and list out not only the qualities you’d like to have in a partner but also define the kind of relationship that you want.

You don’t want to confuse a guy by sending mixed signals. Do some soul searching to attract a compatible partner and easily spot them in a sea of other men.

2. Think like a man.

Would the guy of your dreams be hanging out at a sleazy bar downtown? If not, consider where your future bae may be hiding out. If you feel like you’re always meeting the same old guys, it’s probably because you hang out at the same old places. So, think like a man, and venture out into new settings that’d be attractive to a high-quality guy.

For example, if you want to date a guy that leads a healthy lifestyle, you’re more likely to bump into him at the gym than at the club. Think wisely about where you usually go to attract men may be time to re-strategize.

3. Ditch the drama.

If you’ve been in unhealthy relationship after relationship, you might want to take a step back and make sure you’re not the one bringing the drama to the table or contributing to it. Many women are surprised that they are not the ones bringing the drama per se, but are guilty of having low standards, a desire to please and/or low self-awareness of what they bring to the table.

To attract a drama-free man, you also must be willing to work on making yourself a better partner (like attracts like), getting rid of your insecurities and developing a high self-regard for yourself. Take a second and ask yourself why a man would be lucky to have you as his spouse? I want you to actually list out your virtues as if his parents would be impressed by you.

Quick note, if your answer is, “I don’t know”, enroll in a relationship coaching program for personalized dating advice or get in therapy ASAP. You cannot afford to let precious time pass by while issues are halting your dating success. Imagine what could happen when you upgrade how you feel about yourself…EVERYTHING COULD CHANGE.

Next, mentally require your next suitor to treat you according to the value you bring and never lower your standards to avoid dating pressed again. It is better to wait for an ideal fit versus settle for a low-quality man (one who looks good but has no ability to be faithful, is commitment shy, has his own issues, poor communication skills, in another relationship, etc.).

4. Live your own life.

Confident men are attracted to confident women. Staying true to yourself and not throwing your life by the wayside every time you start dating a new guy will show a high-quality guy that you’re secure with yourself and that you can do your own thing without him. A good guy will want you to have your own life, and he will respect your boundaries.

Having a life will also get you more dates because you are more social. I’ve found that women who get more dates are prosocial, meaning that create a social calendar that puts them in ideal social settings (ones with a lot of men) who can shoot their shot. Men are not unavailable…it’s probably that you are not social enough to see that for yourself. Get up, get out, get online (strategically) and allow men to flirt with you organically. The social woman always gets the dates. You can be a homebody after you get in a committed relationship!

5. Embrace yourself.

Being able to fully love yourself and care for yourself without the help of a man is very attractive. By learning how to accept and show up for yourself first, you’ll be less likely to give attention to men who you know can’t provide the love and care you deserve.

Attracting high-value men who want relationships starts with you. Stay true to yourself, and don’t be afraid to be honest about what you want out of a relationship. Which of these tips could you work on honing for yourself?


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