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A Weekend For Love Marriage Retreat 2022- What To Expect

Welcome to A Weekend For Love 2022. Make sure you register this week.

I'll admit, I didn't use to do marriage retreats. Honestly, I didn't really know what they were and then I experienced one and my mindset changed.

Here is what I experienced:

A) We needed time away from work, kids and the monotony to focus on us.

B) Being in a room with upwardly mobile married couples was great energy for our marriage

C) I needed positive modeling of healthy couples to inspire me

D) We needed the time together to plan our wealth, marriage, family, and life goals. We always agreed those things were important but we needed the structure to actually spend the hours planning it out.

E) We needed intimate time alone. You can read between the lines

F) We needed top-tier relationship skills to improve communication and teamwork

G) We had a new mindset that the ultimate capital in a marriage was our quality time, connection and mutual dreams

So, we decided to partner with another couple a create A Weekend For Love Marriage Retreat. Make sure you register now before our room buy down rate expires this month.

Here's what to expect at A Weekend For Love 2022:

  • Beachside Vow Renewal- bringing back the emotion of your wedding day

  • Jazz Brunch- Think of your wedding reception

  • Beachside Couples Yoga/Workout Session - Get Healthy Together

  • Nightcap Experience- sex educator couple providing tips on spicing up the bedroom (rating HOT)

  • Love Lab Experience- celebrity speakers with a million dollars plus net worth teaching on building wealth together, working as a team, not allowing business to sacrifice the marriage, overcoming hard times

  • Opening Night Party- couples need to have fun and create new experiences

  • Power Couples Luncheon- network with other high value couples and connect

  • Strengthening Your Marriage- your marriage is either getting stronger or weaker

Much, much more. Book a call with us today to discuss and register here. Invite friends and make an investment in your marriage.

Why Couples Say "Yes"

Honestly, they already pay for networking, business and wealth conferences separately for work, etc. and love the idea of a marriage wealth conference, retreat and vacation rolled into one because they want to increase the power, wealth and love in their marriage in one weekend without the stress, disconnection and challenge of balancing schedules.

In summary, they have already seen the return on their investment in the past from focusing on the main thing- the marriage.

The marriage then produces fruit:

  • Wealth- working together to secure deal

  • Connection- feeling seen, heard and respected

  • Intimacy- ability to make love without interruption and with heighted stimulation that kickstarts regular lovemaking upon return home

  • Teamwork- ability to work as a team versus separately to enjoy the equity of marriage and partnership. Imagine two people working on the same page.

  • Relationship Skills- getting proven psychological strategies for resolving conflict, turning challenging parts of marriage into assets, having fun and making marriage feel easy again.

Ok, here is the link to register. See you in Destin, FL and we will talk personally.


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