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Saving Our Girls- Part 3- How To Help Physically Present, Emotionally Absent Dads To Engage Their Da

Dr. Alduan Tartt sits down for part three of the seven part interview with world renown sex educator, Jackie Brewton, about raising girls and teen dating. This part of the interview reveals how dads can be physically present yet emotionally absent to their daughters and how to correct immediately.

Dads, can you channel your inner-Oprah and have a 15 minute conversation with your daughter that is all about her- without judgment or correction? If not, you are in trouble and need to adjust quickly. When it comes to building your daughter's self-concept, it is essential that she feels heard, important and YOU! That means that dads must learn how to have emotionally connected, deep and layered conversations with their daughters on a consistent basis.

I will be the first to admit that it is not easy because girls can be emotional and their topics can change like the wind in a matter of moments. However, your ability to listen, flow and shift with her will provide an emotional blueprint for how the boys and her future husband will be required to connect with her. Here is a strategy that works wonders...adopt a gossip-style approach. I don't mean gossip about other people because that is destructive and sets the wrong example. Instead, be very interested (as I demonstrate in the video) in their lives without a lot of fervor and energy. Show her how interesting she is!

As dads, we are more than providers and protectors. We are great conversationalist who wish to be present not only in our daughters' lives but also in their inner world. We need to learn about their fears, wishes and daily life situations. As times change, we must adapt and be present for our daughters in a way that even your father was not there for you. It's okay. Change is good and your daughter will thank you with hours and I do mean hours (lol) of conversation about her inner world and you know what dad...YOU WILL LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

God Bless.

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