Saving Our Girls: Healthy Sex Education, Part 1- "The Number One Issue Facing Teen Girls Today&

This video series is the first of a seven part series that I am doing with world renown sex education, Jackie Brewton, on healthy sex education for teen girls. Over the past twenty years, I have worked with thousands of teen girls as their psychologist and the conversation often turns to relationships. Girls (and boys for that matter) want to talk about their relationships but without the judgment. I have two daughters myself (both are too young to be dating at this point), so I find these conversations incredibly insightful, fun, and eye opening! Quite frankly, teen girls need a trusted adult male to be able to confide in about how to date. Otherwise, we are choosing to allow them to find out too many tough life lessons about dating on their own. That just seems unfair, unconscionable, and social irresponsible.