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What Husbands Stress About In Marriages: Three Husbands Open Up

Heart 2 Heart With Dr. Tartt: What is the biggest stressor for men/husbands in marriage?

When people say, “Ask three different men and you’ll get three different answers,” it is true. Men are way more complex that a lot of women realize.

I asked Jack A. Daniels and Eric Bates and we all had different stressors…

What are the biggest stressors for husbands in relationships and marriage?

How easy or difficult is leading a household as a Black man, husband and father? Watch the video and let me know what you think.

Men, chime in on what your biggest stressors are when it comes to life as a married, family man.

Queens, what are your thoughts about this conversation? Was it what you expected? Enlightening? Let me know. We grow through dialogue.


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