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Two Skills That Stop Conflict In Marriage

If you have been dating or married for longer than a three months, the chances of you experiencing conflict are high.


By human nature, we are going to have differences and we need to express, defend and negotiate those differences in order to make sure that relationships and marriage works out best for each of us. However, there is a right and wrong way to discuss differences. The wrong way will lead to conflict, stress and breaking up. The right way will lead to healthy negotiation, conflict resolution and a healthy, long marriage.

What is the right way? Glad you asked:

Two Skills To Help Resolve Conflict:

1) Friendship- The strength of your friendship that serves as a base for the relationship and connection. We want to resolve conflict with our friends far more than we do with our enemies.

2) Feelings- The ability to hear, feel and behave like we care about our partner's viewpoint versus fighting to the death is the best approach.

I am teaching a model for conflict resolution for Better Husband Better Wife Masterclass and would love to teach you too. So many relationships and marriages can thrive with the right mindset, tools, and love and I want you to experience it. Check it out here and apply this to your marriage today!


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