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Three Ways To Effectively Deal With Stress

Did you know that putting yourself in a toxic, stressful situation of any kind (work, family, relationship, marriage, etc.) can take 6-8 years off of your life expectancy.

Did you know that unresolved stress (stress you do not fix) will cause hair loss (notice any hair in the sink, shower, tub, brush, etc.? It also causes stomach, heart, skin and nail problems to name a few. So, you can choose to ignore chronic stress but it will be at your own peril for sure.

In this video, Dr. Alduan Tartt lays out three strategies that have been proven to decrease stress:

1) Exercising Regularly- Exercise produces dopamine and endorphins which naturally make us feel happy and also decrease cortisol (stress hormone) and other chemicals that cause anxiety and depression.

2) Disclosure- In essence, making it a routine practice to disclose (open up, verbalize, journal, and/or talk about your feelings) so you can relive and relieve your symptoms and stress related to stressful events, traumas and losses. The more stress you let out, the less stress stays in your body to hurt you long-term. Make sense?

3) Distancing- This involves actively doing the work to get over your past stress or get out of the culture that is stressing you out right now. Someone who is able to disclose their feelings and thoughts is able to move on versus stay "stuck" in dealing with an issue from childhood or years ago.

This explains how two people can experience identical or similar traumas and one will move on and be healthy and the other spirals out of control. They do the work to heal and I encourage you to do the same!


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