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How To Be An Awesome Girl Dad: What Daughters Really Need From Their Fathers

I see a lot of women who struggle with dating and marriage and blame themselves but really it goes back to childhood. What caught my attention was an article from Psychology Today about what children really need from each parent. Check it out here but here is the quote that made the hairs on my neck rise:

"Girls diagnosed with depression are significantly more likely to report that they felt rejected or neglected by their father or had a cold, detached relationship with him."

In this case, fathers who were absent and/or distant and cold towards their daughters, actually created depression and insecurity in their own daughters.

This idea that daughters can raise themselves without a father’s warmth, presence and validation is all wrong. I don’t care what happened between you and her mon, you better be there for your daughters emotionally!

All the financial providing in the world won’t make your daughter feel loved.

I get it though. Men have not been taught how to be excellent fathers so I comprised a list that will help any father of daughters with a blueprint.

Seven Things Every Father Should Do For His Daughters:

1) Hug her & Kiss her on her forehead

2) Pray over and with her verbally often

3) Tell her she is amazing and be specific in your praise of her attributes (actively

build her self-esteem)

4) Be present for her sports, clubs, school work, poetry, dance, writing, etc.

5) Be gentle even when you reprimand them. Tone is everything.

6) Make time for her only (no one else). Just father-daughter time alone.

7) Calm her with touch, kind words, optimism, positive vibes and presence.

It’s an excuse to say you don’t know how to parent because your dad was absent. I just told you what to do my friends 🗣.

I love you Fathers. Now go do the work 💪🏾.

I see too many of your daughters in my practice. I love doing the work but the solution is on you. Imagine being the answer to your daughter's toxic relationship and giving her the strength to leave, ask for better and/or upgrade to a man who makes her feel valuable.

P.S.- Moms, sons and fathers of boys, don't feel left out. Here is the complete article from Psychology Today that lays out exactly what each parent should do for sons and daughters to raise them towards wellness, excellence and happiness.


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