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How To Avoid Falling In Love Too Fast & Getting Hurt

Do you struggle with falling in love too soon and getting hurt?

Do you find yourself feeling incomplete if you are not in a relationship?

Do you tend to jump into relationships quickly before you really find out if your partner is a fit for you?

Do you have a pattern of dating narcissists, selfish, and/or inconsiderate partners?

If you answered yes, you may be high in what psychologists call emophilia (the ease in which one falls in love) and it could be affecting your ability to enter into healthy relationships.

This video provides you with three solutions to avoid falling in love too soon with the wrong partner:

1) Create of list of desires, wishes and standards for how you desire to be treated in relationships and ask questions to see if the person you are considering is good or bad at relationships.

2) Date slowly and wait for the real person to show up. What you are looking for are the characteristics of kindness, respect and showing a genuine interest in you and your life.

3) Fall in love last versus first. That's right, wait for them to be emotionally connected first and then match their energy so that you love at the same time or second to keep you safe.

Good luck with dating and I pray this blesses you and allows you to date healthy, loving, giving partners and changes your experience with love!


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