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Help For Christian Marriages

I'm not sure if this is for you but if you're in a is on the way!

What do you know about what's causing relationships and marriages to break, especially Christian ones?

Next week, I am hosting a FREE online training for couples who want to find out and do something about it. Do you know exactly what to do fix and strengthen your marriage and/or relationship?

On Tuesday, March 6th, I've partnered with Black and Married with Kids (Lamar & Ronnie Tyler) to help couples just like you as we reveal...How To Fix The 4 Biggest Issues That Cause Christian (and non-Christian) Marriages to Fail in 2018.

I bet you're a bit like me that you never thought that you would need more training on marriage after you said, "I do". You're not alone. Many people think that marriage is easy but it's not. It's actually hard.

As a licensed clinical psychologist and licensed and ordained minister, I sit with couples daily and help them to fix the issues that stress marriages. Most couples know they have to do something but don't know what or how to do it. That's where professional training comes in. I'll give you the tools and you can fix yourself.

On this training, you'll learn:

  • The worst thing you can do when conflict happens in your marriage

  • The ONE question to ask your spouse that can save your marriage

  • The key to more & better physical intimacy

  • Why marriage stops feeling good and becomes dull even if you are still in love

Here's what happens next. Click Here To Register to reserve your slot and get special access to this life changing webinar.

Before you make up your mind. I'll even answer your specific relationship and marital questions live (anonymously if desired).

Just one more thing. Everyone who attends will receive a special free bonus gift just for showing up! The gift will bless your marriage!

Learn how to unlock what God has in store for your marriage. Register for our FREE training now before it's too late to fix your marriage!

See you there,

Dr. Alduan Tartt

P.S.- We have a limited number of spots and our free trainings always fill up so make sure you save your spot today. Your marriage is worth it!

P.S.S.- If this is not for you I ask that you share this email with friends and family who you know need this. Your email could save their marriage! My single brothers and sisters who see this don't need this but may want to spy (I want you to, it's fine) but please share it with couples you know across your social network for me.

God Bless,

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