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How To Calm Down & De-stress Quickly | Relaxing Stress Relief Tips

Feeling stressed out and struggling to calm your nervous system down? I recently felt this way in the oddest of places...on vacation.

I saw the beach, amazing pools and food for days but my nerves were still keyed up. Has that ever happened to you when you are trying to relax for sleep, chill time, time off or vacation?

Chances are that your nervous system is out of whack and likely either over or under-stimulated.

I found an amazing article that quickly breaks down, "Calming A Wigged Out Autonomic Nervous System" that I found amazing. From the article, they explain the nervous system as such:

"That out of control feeling is usually associated with the sympathetic nervous system.

Our sympathetic nervous system is the part of our nervous system that mobilizes us into action. If our nervous system detects a threat, real or perceived, it will trigger our fight/flight/freeze response.

If there isn’t a real threat, and we do not need the mobilization of our protective mechanisms, then we need to recruit our parasympathetic nervous system, which is the part that calms us down.

The vagus nerve is the most influential nerve in our parasympathetic nervous system. It functions like your body’s natural reset button. Learning how to stimulate your vagus nerve allows you to bring about the calm, collected feeling we all desire."

They offer numerous suggestions for how to calm your nerves but my three persona favorites are:

  1. Getting a massage and staying to relax in the spa for a few hours

  2. Going on vacation- change of scenery

  3. Mediation/Yoga- we need to train ourselves to take slow, rhythmic breathes

After coming back from vacation, I realized that ONE massage nor ONE vacation was going to be enough to reset my system. I need regular vacations and I just set up bi-weekly massages for myself to keep my nervous system nice and calm because life is going to life.

What do you commit to doing to calm your nerves down, improve your health and get that much needed peace of mind?


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