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Are You a High-Achieving Single Woman Tired of Wasting Time on Mismatched Dates? Watch This...

I get it. You're a successful, driven, and stunning woman who has it all—the career, the looks, and the confidence. Yet, despite your impressive résumé and social calendar, you find yourself asking, "Where is the meaningful relationship that I deserve?" You're frustrated with aimless dating and men who don't match up to your level of intellect, ambition, or emotional depth. You're tired of wasting precious time on dates that don't lead anywhere meaningful—especially when you're ready for a commitment.

You're not alone in feeling like you're running a never-ending gauntlet of disappointing dates and ephemeral relationships. And it's not just a hit on your time—it's a hit on your emotional well-being, too. It can make you question your worth, fill your mind with doubt, and leave you emotionally drained. But what if I told you that the problem isn't you, but rather the approach you've been taking towards dating and relationships?

So, I did something. I came out of the office for a few hours and recorded one the most encouraging, real and personal interviews that I've ever done about how single women can get married to great men.

I exposed the lie about why you are not married and it's not's the approach.

If your single, I am inviting you to break this cycle of lies by watching this eye-opening video on the Hardly Initiated Podcast.

I've been in the dating and relationship space for 25 years and I apologize for allowing unqualified "experts" (you know who they are) lie, manipulate and discourage my sisters who should and will be wives. No more. I stood up for you and provided a true path towards self-development, quality dates, commitment, and marriage.

This video is packed with actionable advice for amazing, marrige-material single women just like you. I provide a new perspective on how to navigate the modern dating scene while staying true to yourself.

The truth is marriage minded men are lonely and are as upset as you are about having to navigate loneliness, bad dates, and lack of quality candidates to seriously date. I talk about it in this interview which got 10K views in a few hours.

I am totally cool with you watching the video and enjoying being celebrated and validated. However, I realize that many of you will be so inspired by this interview and will want MORE.

For those of you who want a comprehensive, structured approach, it's time to level-up your love life with the Ring Formula Dating Course.

What The Ring Formula Dating Course Promises:

  • Effective communication tips for lasting relationships

  • The psychology of deep, emotional connections

  • Tools for vetting your potential life partner

  • A tried-and-true formula for finding your lifelong partner

  • A roadmap to navigate modern dating's ups and downs

  • Self-assessment tools to align your needs and desires

  • Practical exercises that translate to real-life dating success

Now, the power to change your love life is just a click away. Stop settling for less than you deserve and start your journey to a fulfilling, lasting relationship today.

P.S.-Let's be honest, dating towards marriage deserves a married woman's guidance and touch too. So, when you join The Ring Formula Dating Course, you'll be coached simultaneously by both myself and my wife, Mecca Tartt, so you get great dates and commitment in two months. Put your personalized Ring Formula plan to work on the road towards marriage and saying goodby to the single life forever.

In closing, you have three options:

  1. Get started here now before we close the doors. We start Sept 12th.

  2. Get even more information by visiting The Ring Formula and sign up there.

  3. Navigate this crazy dating cycle without structure, a personalized game plan, unecessary loneliness and being on the sideline with another wedding season approaching.

Best wishes,

Dr. Alduan Tartt

P.S.S.- You don't have to navigate the maze of modern dating alone. Let us guide you to the meaningful, lasting love you've been searching for.


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